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Caesar Journal 1

"A great conqueror, soldier and politician, Caesar was popular because he gained territory for Rome because he frequently sent money back to the city to be used for public works or to help the common people. Because of his conquests he was ultimately given the honor of ruling Rome for as long as he lived, but he was still not satisfied; many suspected that he wanted to set up a monarchy so that power could pass to his hiers as well. Caesar was married to Calpurnia, but thus far she had borne no children."(376)

The quotation above reminds me of both the similarities and the differences Caesar and the French ruler, Napoleon. Napoleon was very interested in gaining land for his country during the French revolution. He attempted to invade many parts of Europe as well as Russia, in which during a move to the Russian capital of Moscow, resulted in the casualties of many of his troops. This attitude is much similar to that of Caesar because of the fact that Caesar had an almost obsession as well, of expanding the territory of his empire.

Both Caesar and Napoleon were rulers who were rulers that were respected by the people that they ruled over. Although there was more controversy during the time of Napoleon as to whether he was a competent ruler, or just a power-hungry dictator. The people’s opinion of Caesar was also somewhat divided, but from what I understand, he was much more liked than he was disliked .

Napoleon did however, have many differences from Caesar. Because the people were so happy with the way that Caesar had taken care of his country, his people gave him the honor of being ruler for as long as he lived. This differs very much from the fate that was given to Napoleon. His country decided it was best that he be exiled to a small island instead of keeping him as their ruler. Obviously, Napoleon was not thought of as highly as Caesar was by his people.

Napoleon and Caesar had a few differences, but at the same time, held many of the same ideologies and morals as a leader