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Now that my sophomore year at Newtown High School is just about over, I think that I have grown in many ways. Since I first walked into my English classroom, I think i have changed greatly as a writer, reader, listener, viewer, and a speaker. My skills in all of these areas have developed since the beinging of the year, and I think I'll be much more prepared for next year as a result of this developement.

As a writer, I think I have grown the most. During this year a alone I have made a great deal of change in the way that I write. My technical writing has been strengthened probably mostly effected by the amount of grammar that we've gone over. I now have a much better idea of personal and formal writing. Because of this realization, i have been able to develop my own personal "voice" in my writing as well. I think that this is a very important skill to attain, because i enjoy writing a lot more as a result.

As a reader I think I have grown a great deal as well. I think that the speed of my reading has quickened because of the amount of books we have been required to complete this year. As well as this, the amount of information I am able to retain from a story has also increased. I find that reading has become more enjoyable for me this year, and that it's a good way to relax when there's not much to do.

As a listener this year, I have also grown. I think that I have become better at understanding what is being said to me, and how to make it into something original. For example, if a project is assigned to me, I think I've gotten better at completing it in such a way that it's not just another ordinary project.

This year, many times we've used media such as videotapes to reinforce some of the reading that we've done in class. I think that I have become better at using this to my advantage. I am able to create better pictures in my head of what is going on, and it helps me comprehend more clearly what is actually going on.

Maybe the least amount of growth this year has been my growth as a speaker. Even though I have made progress, to me it really hasn't been that much. I don't think that I've really ever been the type of person to speak out, but that's what I'm really trying to work on. I need to voice my opinion more when I have something to say, and when I can contribute my ideas to the class. I'm going to be working on this one the hardest next year.

This year I have made some definite progress. I have developed many of my skills this year, and feel much more confident in this subject as a result.

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