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Entrance Interview

1. I chose to take honors American Studies because I was attracted to the fact that it integrated both English Literature and American History into one class. I like this way of approaching the two classes much more, because it seems more logical to study the literature of a certain region while studying the history at the same time. I feel that Iíd be able to organize information much better in my head if itís all presented to me at the same time, rather than in two separate classes.

2. Last year I took English II on the honors level. Mr. Luizzi was my teacher. My final grade last year was an 88. I donít think that this grade is entirely an accurate reflection of all my skills and knowledge in that class because in some areas I worked much more easily than in others, such as the digital portfolios.

3. I would like to see myself get at least a grade in the high "B" low "A" range this year. The factors that would contribute to me exceeding this goal include getting all of my work done in a timely manor (not procrastinating) and paying attention to the major points being made in class throughout the school year.

4. In my experience of taking one or two college prep courses during high school, I have found that the students in honors seem to be a little more serious about what they need to do. People are more focused on completing tasks, and youíll find less people that will hold off until the last minute to get things done. I think the only difference between honors classes and other levels is the speed and the depth that things are studies. I think honors classes go a little quicker through material and focus on more than just generalities.

5. I expect to be more prepared for the amount of work involved in this class. One good thing about Mr. Luizziís class last year was that he tried to get us ready for larger amounts of work in the future by slowly putting more and more weight on us throughout the year. By doing this, he got us used to a heavier work load. In the past I have seen one of my weaknesses as procrastination. I think this year I have to start beginning long-term projects earlier in order to allow myself the most time for improvement possible.

6. I think that as a student, a strength of mine is my ability to listen. I think I can follow directions well, and I can formulate my own opinions from what is being said. As a person, I think a strength is how much attention I give to things, and to people as well. I think that if youíre going to do something, you should do it the right way. I also think that I try and extend myself to people the best I can to try and help them out as well.

7. As of right now I do not have a job. I am however planning to start working very shortly. When this begins I donít expect to work very long hours because to me, school has to come first. I want to allow enough time for myself to get everything I need completed finished without setting me back. I enjoy playing sports, but Iím not on any sort of competitive or school team. For the last few years I have attended quiz bowl meetings on and off. This team meets once a week after school.

8. I try and prioritize when managing my time. I put school and schoolwork number one and make sure that this is in good shape, or that what I want to complete is done before going and starting something else.

9. I read two books over the summer for my independent reading goal ("The Casualty" by Heinrich Böll and "Fantastic Voyage" by Isaac Asimov). I also read about my own interests in magazines such as Rolling Stone and Spin, as well as spending time connected online reading about my interests on the Internet. I have never really thought of myself as an "avid reader" but I donít find reading unsatisfying.

10. This summer I really didnít do too much. I think what I liked best was going to Long Island to visit my brother for about a week. We spent some time hanging out, going to the beach, spending the night in New York City, jet skiing and just having a great time.

11. I really enjoy art. I think that itís something that both relaxes and excites me. I like to create things that are original. Although I really donít see myself going into any art-based career in the future, I still insist on keeping it very close to me.

12. Iíve always had quite a bit of interest in Psychology, and would like to make it a major part of what I do in the future as a career. Iíd like to do something that would allow me to help people. I think that itís fascinating to see and to understand why people act the way they do.