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Huck Finn Journal Entry 1

In the first Half of the book, I was really surprised that Huck’s dad was angry that he had learned how to read and write. I thought it was because his father was very jealous of his son. Here Huck is, learning how to read and write, while his father never had that opportunity to do so. I also think that there are a few other reasons of why Huck’s dad is angry as well.

First of all, I think that Huck’s dad like to be in control. If this wasn’t true, he wouldn’t have “kidnapped” Huck and kept him confined in a small cabin. I feel that Huck’s ability to read and write was a symbol to his father that he seemed to have more power than he did. This most likely made Huck’s dad feel inferior and in a very vulnerable situation. He even asks Huck why he’s trying to be better than his father, showing that he did indeed feel that Huck was more superior.

I think that this book is going to be about Huck’s maturing process. I observed in the beginning of the book that the group of boys seemed to be very immature. The boys pretended to play “Cops and Robbers,” and were highly influenced by the books that they read and the stories the heard. When Huck began to leave the boys(and his entire life) behind, he started developing into a more mature individual. His actions and his own thoughts seemed more mature when he was trying to escape from his fathers cabin, and as he went down the shore with Jim. I think as the book continues, we will see him become an even more mature thinker and overall person.

I think that compared to the other books we have read in English class this year, I like this particular novel a lot. I think that I like first person narratives more because you get more insight from the person who’s telling the story. I think it’s nice to view the story through someone else’s point of view. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is indeed a classic. And will be a book I will always enjoy.