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Freewrite 1

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby spends much of his time dwindling in the past with his true love, Daisy. Gatsbyís eyes were fixed on this on woman for much of his life, never showing interest in anyone else. He obsessed of this one person, and awaited the days in which they may be reunited, instead of moving on and looking for someone new. Even After Daisy marries another man, he doesnít give up hope and stays strong as though nothing has happened. Some people say what Gatsby did was a waste of many years that could have been spent with more quality, others may say heís being true to his only love. What is even more baffling is that Daisy also agreed that she herself loved Gatsby. If this is true, why does she marry Tom? Why would she live a false life, knowing all along that she would rather be with Gatsby? And if she knew that Gatsby wanted her just as much, why didnít she just go? There were many hard things to understand about this book, but these were among he most difficult to comprehend.

I feel that Gatsby was, in all aspects was stuck in the only life that he had ever been exposed too. When he was younger, he did many interesting things, and got as close to having a life as he would ever come. When he grew older, he resided alone in his house, away from everyone that he knew, surrounded by the material things he had collected on the way to getting were he was. The only people that he could think about, and the only people that he could really remember, were a group of very few. One of thesepeople being Daisy, the one who kept his heart. Because he had not met anyone else since her, it made it harder to stop thinking about what he experienced. Being a more passive person, Gatsby probably just gave into his emotions, rather than forcing himself to move on. She was the only one to make him feel a particular way, and by being able to do this, she stood out from all the others. And by keeping himself away from people, he could not help but think about her.

On the other hand, Daisy was able to move on, which is also very confusing because she loved him too, and still she was able to marry Tom who was completely unaware of everything that was going on. She was playing a game with him, which was completely wrong. It eventually comes out that Daisy was only with Tom because he could keep her living in the lifestyle that she wanted. At the time she married him, he could support her much better than Tom, so it was all about financial status at that time. But even if it was, why didnít she come to him when he inherited all his money? I think it was because she felt she was already too wrapped up in the life she had falsely created to turn back, or try to get out. I think that in a way she was intimidated by what she had made with Tom, it inhibited her from doing what she truly felt was right. So she becomes almost as stuck as Gatsby.

I think that inside, Gatsby and Daisy are similar, but only in a few ways. They have the same emotions for one another, but the situations that they are in donít lend themselves handy to letting them do what they would really like, which is being with each other. Gatsby and Daisy share the same self interest. Daisy only married Tom for his money, and the way that he could support him. Gatsby waits for years for Daisy to come back to him because he feels that no one is better, and doesnít want to waste the time trying. They both are too inhibited by what surrounds them to make any changes, therefore they are stuck the way they are. I donít think that either of them are strong enough people inside to do it. Gatsby had tried by having extravagant parties, but I think, in a way, thatís the way he wanted it to be. Although he always tried so hard to try and gain peopleís attention and respect. So, I can conclude that Daisy didnít go back to Gatsby because of her own inner selfishness at first, and her inability to make drastic changes later. Gatsby spent all those years wanting daisy back because he hadnít been with anyone else, and out of all the people that he had met, Daisy was the one that hit him most. It was what he was used too, and he stuck with it, even if it meant waiting.