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The Hobbit Journal Entry 2

In relation to the other books that I have read this year, the Hobbit does not quite fit my reading desires. I donít think that after reading this book, I would want to choose this type of a fantasy story for a long time. The story if the Hobbit didnít appeal to me for a few reasons. First of all, I think that the entire fantasy theme of the book with elves, goblins and other mystical creatures simply did not appeal to me. Second of all, I think that the subject material discussed in this book had no relevance to our age group. I think that if any age group of people were to read this book, I think that it would most appropriately be assigned to a younger audience. The fact that the book was turned into a cartoon movie further supports my point.

The last reason why I did not especially like the Hobbit was because of the amount of description in the book. I feel that this book had too much description when it came to the more minor details of the book. The author, J.R. Tolkien, put it into the book undoubtedly to make the visual picture of the setting seem clearer, but I think that in some areas the amount of description ruined the actual story. I sometimes found myself taking a long time to create a picture of what was really going on in my head because I kept having to change the picture I had originally formed.

I think that although the Hobbit can be considered a classic, to me the book does not at all fit my reading desires. I strongly feel that presenting this book to a younger age group would hold the readers attention and/or interest better.