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Dear Mr. Luizzi,

If i could give only one word to this year's class, that word would have to be "different." I know that's not a very exciting word, but it's exactly how this year in english has been. Starting with the websites, you're style of teaching the class has been much unlike any other english class I've had before. All prior to my 10th grade year seemed to deal with the same topics in the same way. Approaching the subjects differently is something that was a major factor in making the class much more interesting.

This class met and exceeded my expectations. I came in the begining of this year thinking that it would be another normal year in english, it was never really too exciting for me. but, to my surprise, things picked up very quickly, and stayed that way all year long. There wasn't anytime all year that I was bored with the class. Each week there was always something that we were working on, and normally it was something new.

The class really didn't fall short of anything that I was expecting. I really liked the way you chose to teach the things we did in class. This made class more interesting than it would have been if you had followed traditional format.

I think the thing that i have found most useful, and most memorable, has been the skill of being able to write my own websites. This skill that you have been able to teach me is something that I find very important and an incredible advantage for when i get older. This alone stands out in my mind because of how much different it has made this year from any other in english. I have used this to my advantage so far, and even for my recreation. i have used it to build my own personal website that I like to call The Realm of Dave. This was probably the most exciting and interesting part of the english year for me.

There isn't anything that I'd like to forget from this class, because I'd like to think that everything that we've spent time learning has some useful application. I guess the only thing that I'd really like to forget are the memories of staying up LATE nights working on papers, vocabs, and other projects, but again, it did teach me things and did give me experience as a student.

All I can tell you as a teacher is to bring the same kind of enthusiasm to the class as you did this year. I discovered that i had more of an interest in the subject because of the positivity shown in the class, and the fun that I had learning. It seems logical that people would learn better when they have fun, and I think that that's something more people have to keep in mind.

To freshmen, I wouls tell them to get prepared for a very heavy work load. This class is not something in which you can procrastinate and slack of. The class takes a lot dedication, but in the end, I really do think it's worth it. I think that because of this class, next year will be much easier for me due to the demands made of me this year.

In conclusion, all I can say is that i feel that this was a very good year for me in english because of the way that I enjoyed the class. The class was both very productive and enjoyable. I think this class will definitly be one that I will miss next year.

Dave :)

H o m e