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Setting Description 1

There was much about Gatsby’s house that described who he was as a character. His house was the place in which he resided for many years, keeping mostly to himself. He was never too eager to leave or become aquatinted with other people living in his community. Mr. Gatsby is an example of an extreme example of a very private person. He coups himself up in his house, and only fixates himself on a few people.

Gatsby’s house represents how materialistic Gatsby was. No one lived inside but him and his servants. He was a man surrounded by nothing but his possessions. The only thing he really had in his life was the objects he owned and the wealth that made it possible for them to be there. Gatsby was a warmer person at heart, but the way he expressed his affection was through money. He was lonely inside, and what he tried to do was replace human love with things, which is impossible, making him feel even more isolated from the rest of the world.

The house also represented what Gatsby was like inside. His house almost represents his heart, and his true inner feelings. There was no one living with him in his house, and there was no one that he felt very closely attached too either. No one was there, but fake people like his servants, who were only there because he had money.

Gatsby’s gave us much insight about who he really was. Being a privet person, he didn’t give us much on his own. The house was a place that would make him feel almost complete. This was a complete he could be, without socializing with people outside. The house reminded him of the things that he did when he was young, the only time that he was around people. Those were the better days. of Gatsby’s life, and by staying inside, and away from what changed. In his house, he could loose himself in what he wanted to remember, and disagreed what he refused to think about. His house was an escape from what he didn’t like about himself, but it was also something that inhibited him from carrying out a normal life, and not becoming the person he longs to be.