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Setting Description 3

Jacob Kahnís Beach house was one of the many important part of Asherís artistic development. Here he was able o discover many new things about his artistic talents. He was able to escape his parents and the oppressions that came along with living at home. During the summer he would stay with Jacob Kahn and be free to do what ever he wanted. Here he got to practice his talent once again without feeling inhibited by anyone or anything. This gives the same effect as the studio, but there are also a few more things that make thins place so unique.

Here Asher is able to practice his religion. This is something that Jacob almost forbids him to do in the studio. He said that it tampered with his art. But here, Asher is free to do as he wishes. He observes all Jewish holidays, and takes days off from his work to do so. By doing this, Jacob Kahn sees just how important a role religion plays in his life. This way, they are able to get know each other a little better too. Maybe by doing this, Jacob Kahn will learn how to deal with Asher better than he has been. Before, he was very harsh and appeared very blunt in Asherís conservative eyes. After they spent time at the beach house, he appeared to be more caring and understanding.

The time that Asher stayed at the beach house also let Asher begin to understand Jacob much better. He was able to talk to him more personally than before and infront of Anna, and he also had the chance to exchange works with Jacobís wife. Asher learned about his moods, and when or when not to try and talk to him. This was the first time that Asher saw what negative things Jacob felt. He saw Kahn get very depressed about his age, and about the things that had happened in his life. This was a side of him that he had never seen before, and I think that it was booth very intimidating, and very helpful that Asher see him in this state.

The beach house was very similar to the studio in the way that it let Asher once again explore his artistic talents. It let him escape the things that caused him stress at home, and he was able to paint and concentrate on his art without inhibition. I think that the main thing that the beach house let the two do was to get to know each other better. I think that in a way, Jacob Kahn took the place of a parent over the course of the time that was spent there, and because of that, they were able to have even more success in accomplishing what they had set out to do all along, which was to develop Asherís skills. By being able to know what each one was thinking, they were able to enjoy themselves better. By being at the beach house, Jacob and Asher were able to form an important bond that had many benefits to both men.