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Setting Description 4

In the novel The Great Gatsby, The hotel room on a trip into the city was a very important setting to the book. This is where the climax of the story takes place, and where many feelings are revealed. Throughout the book, there are many things that are kept secret, many that should be shared with other people. But it isn’t until all the characters are in the hotel room that these private feelings are finally shared. Most of the conflict that was experienced in the novel was caused by people not telling the truth behind their emotions.

The hotel room was the setting in which all the built up emotions of each character came out. Each character had an opinion of one another, and it was only when they were all drunk and tired that the true feelings of each came out. This was a major turning point in the book. The main group of characters had been leading a false life with each other. Trying to give the right impressions, when they knew all along that none, are at least some of it wasn’t true. Living in a rich community, I think that they were trying to hide the problems that come with everyday living, and by doing that they only made things worse. Not expressing one’s feelings lead to such heartbreak as the situation between Gatsby and Daisy.

The hotel room was only the place in which the climax of the story took place. There was nothing about this place that allowed it to happen, but yet it is important because it lets the reader get a mental picture of everything that’s going on. Setting is an essential part of any story. There would be no story without it. What took place in the hotel room was essential to “clear the air” between the characters. It showed that someone, or all of them had in a way, matured. They had made the conscience decision to not play the games that they had been playing. The wanted to put everything out in front of them, and to tell the truth no matter what the effects. The Hotel room was the setting in which the result of a great deal of maturation on behalf of all the characters took place.