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What is the Reason For Reading,Listening to, and Watching Julius Caesar?

We studied Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar' for a few clear reasons this year in english class. The play has a certain amount of significance in today's modern society even though it was written very long ago. The story holds a few timeless themes such as jealousy, power, and loyalty. These classic themes stand out very strongly throughout the story. The story teaches us about these aspects of human nature, because they will forever effect all of our lives in one way or another.

Jealousy in the play is mostly why the conspirators killed Caesar. They made up the false idea that Caesar was doing wrong as the ruler, and upon that idea, murdered him. But behind this was jealosy for what caesar had gained as a beloved ruler of his country. They thought iif they got rid of Caesar, and told the people that they did it all in good cause, they'd would look as if they were in fact the heroes. Once gaining the respect of the people, they would be in control. This relates to to modern day times in many ways. The idea of jealousy is both universal and timeless. Jealousy exsists in many forms today, just as it did during the time that Shakespeare wrote Caesar. Learning about jealousy and see how people deal with it in the play, may aid itself to solving problems in real life.

Another theme in the play that has made it's way to present times as well is power. People have always bee fascinated with power. Since ancient times, certain people have ruled over others, and given the power to protect and look out for many others. Today, Many people hold positions with include certain amounts of power which stem many other emotions. The power-hungery characters of "Julius Caesar" show examples of how these emotoins sometimes get out of hand. By understanding such characters as the conspirators, one can also understand what leaders are faced with when holding such powerful offices.

Loyalty is also an important factor to both the play and lives of people today. Issues relating to loyalty are things that I often witness and experience as a teenager, and seeing it being played out in Shakespear's play lets me identify with such characters as Mark Anthony. Sometimes one is confronted with a situation in wich one has to choose who, of to very important parties, he/she must side with. This situation is very stressful, and being able to identify with it may sometimes ease the tension. This may give some students the chance to actually know what a character is going through, and because of that, better understand the story being told.

The play "Julius Shakespeare" gives us many things, and lets us understand modern society from it's themes even though the play was written so long ago. From reading Julius Caesar, we are able to gain knowledge of both modern times and past times, and lets us relate to very famous works of literature